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Updates to the Website

Try playing this short musical tribute by Italian musicians to the medics treating Coronavirus patients.

New entries have been added to both 'Useful Links' and 'Covid-19' pages.

These include links to online chess, brain yoga, National Theatre, Sherlock, and entries on the Learning, Entertaining and Humour pages. Also pasted is a link to a short video by Tom Way, the wildlife photographer who gave an enjoyable talk to us a couple of years ago. Enjoy and keep the suggestions coming!


A number of groups have been run successful Zoom meetings. One of the walking groups held a meeting today - I am not sure whether they used smartphones and spent the time walking around their gardens! If you want to have a go, there is plenty of material on the Covid-19 pages, on the Internet and YouTube.  If you need help feel free to contact I will try to get one of the experienced Group Administrators  to provide help. We are building the knowledgebase quickly,  with a bit of trial and error long the way!

 Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus the regular monthly meetings and group meetings are suspended until further notice.

 The Chairman's latest email can be read by clicking here.

New pages are being added to the website to assist Group Administrators and members who would like to keep in contact with each other during the lockdown period. These pages, which are in the process of being constructed, will also provide live links to sites that are providing information on Bookham shops and another  local facilities. They can be found at the right hand end of the main menu bar. These pages are open to all members without the need to sign into the website, although Bookham & District members are encouraged to set up passwords if they have not already done so.

If any members have  ideas on interesting  websites or another  thoughts on keeping mentally or physically active during periods of self-isolation, I am happy to consider including them in some of the new pages or in the 'Useful Links' section of this website.

The first three added relate to online museums, science lectures and Scrabble to which Micelle Howes adds Brain Yoga and Sherlock.

Brain Yoga - this has a range of different puzzles to exercise different parts of your brain. You can choose the level of difficulty for each puzzle that suits you, and choose to go up a level when it gets too easy for you. There is no time limit, no competition, no points, it is truly a relaxing yoga-style exercise for your brain.

Sherlock Free (if you get addicted you can upgrade to Sherlock Expert or Sherlock Zen for a few £). This is a logic puzzle based on a process of elimination (hence the name). There's a visual grid of pictures and a set of visual clues to find the solution. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from and although it does show the time you take to reach each solution, it's up to you whether you look at this.

Links to these suggested ideas can be found in the ' Useful Links  page.

More ideas please to


 *****Book Reading Groups 1  and 2 have published their reading lists for 2019 - go to their pages to get their opinions!***** 

The U3A is a unique and exciting self help educational movement for middle aged and older people no longer in full time employment which enables members to share many educational, creative and leisure activities. Please navigate around the site to find out all about us, our groups and activities.

“U3A” is an acronym for The University of the Third Age…….. …….a Movement that is Worldwide and Bookham has been a part of since 1993.

We operate under the auspices of the Third Age Trust, which is the National representative body for our organisation in the UK , but like all of the U3As we are autonomous. We provide an opportunity to pursue life long learning and members are encouraged to use their skills and abilities for the benefit of others and to develop new interests. We have over 80 study groups covering a wide range of educational and leisure pursuits, meeting in members' homes or designated venues. We currently have over 600 members with over 100 members of other Local U3As attending one or more of our groups.

General Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month, 2.30 p.m. at the Old Barn Hall, Bookham when there is a speaker, a small amount of business and a chance to chat with fellow members over a cup of tea. Future General Meetings are listed below.

If you are a member but have not yet set up a password to enable you to login, you will only be able to access some of the pages and have limited access to much of the information. A guide to how to set up a password can be viewed by clicking here. Just remember that your user name is your surname followed by the first letter of your first name, with no space between. John Doe would be DoeJ. If you have a common name this could lead to duplication of a username, in which case a second letter from your first name may be necessary. Email if you are having problems. 

When clicking on the monthly meetings below you will get invited to book a place. There is no need to do so.

Event NameDateTimeDurationLocation
Monthly Meeting - Sheila Willis beside the seaside07 Apr 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Spring Social - Music of the Night29 Apr 202019:00 Old Barn Hall
Monthly Meeting - Keith Harmon talking on dowsing05 May 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Bookham U3A Bridge Groups Together13 May 202014:002.5 hours Old Barn Hall
Monthly meeting - Andrew Baker talk on Donald Trump02 Jun 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Monthly Meeting - Fran Sandham, A solo walk across Africa.07 Jul 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Monthly Meeting - Ken Bare from the Surrey Hills Society01 Sep 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Monthly Meeting - Margaret Watson, Harpist will talk and play!06 Oct 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Monthly Meeting - John Griffiths Colby, who was Sapper Clay? 03 Nov 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
Christmas Meeting - Bob Kelley talking on Mary Anning01 Dec 202014:302 hoursOld Barn Hall
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