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Hi - I'm Mike Farrell, the groups' coordinator. Feel free to look at the various groups, more than 80 in total. If you have a question feel free to contact me. My email address is on the Committee page. 

There are four different views of our group activities here, use the tabs to switch between them.

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CodeGroup NameWeek In MonthDayTime
His123E LondonFourthWednesdayAM
Art06Architectural HistoryFourthThursdayPM
Art01Art Appreciation 1SecondThursdayPM
Art02Art Appreciation 2ThirdMondayPM
Art05Art Appreciation 3ThirdTuesdayPM
Bee01Beer AppreciationSecondWednesdayPM
Eng07Book Reading 1FirstThursdayPM
Eng08Book Reading 2SecondThursdayPM
Eng12Book Reading 3ThirdTuesdayPM
Eng10Book Reading 4SecondTuesdayAM
Bri01Bridge 1WeeklyMondayAM
Bri03Bridge 3WeeklyMondayAM
Bri04Bridge 4WeeklyTuesdayAM
Bri05Bridge 5WeeklyThursdayAM
Bri06Bridge 6WeeklyFridayAM
Bri07Bridge 7WeeklyThursdayAM
Bri0xBridge All GroupsWhen RequiredN/AAM
Bri08Bridge Beginners and ImproversWeeklyWednesdayAM
Can01Canasta 1Second + FourthWednesdayPM
Can02Canasta 2SecondTuesdayPM
Cra07Card MakingLastThursdayPM
IT03Computing WorkshopSecondThursdayAM
Cra01CraftsFirst + ThirdTuesdayAM
Cra08Creative EmbroideryFirstMondayAM
Eng03Creative WritingEvery OtherFridayAM
Cro01Croquet (April to Oct)VariousVariousAM
CA01Current AffairsSecondWednesdayPM
Cyc01CyclingFirst + ThirdFridayAM
Wal03Easy RamblingSecond + FourthTuesdayAM
His10Family HistoryThirdMondayAM
Cra06Flower ArrangingFirstThursdayAM
Fre04French Back to Basics 2Second + FourthThursdayAM
Fre01French Conversation 1Second + FourthWednesdayAM
Gar03Gardening 02SecondWednesdayPM
His22HistorySecond + FourthWednesdayPM
Mus06Intro To Classical MusicFourthWednesdayPM
Dan01Line DancingWeeklyWednesdayPM
Dan02Line Dancing BeginnersWeeklyWednesdayPM
His11London WalksThirdWednesdayAM
His13London Walks 3ThirdThursdayAM
His15London Walks 4FirstThursdayAM
His17London Walks 5ThirdFridayAM
His18London Walks 6ThirdThursdayAM
His19London Walks 7ThirdWednesdayAM
Met01Metal DetectingSecond + FourthWednesdayPM
His08Military HistoryFourthTuesdayPM
Wal04Morning HikesSecondWednesdayAM
Sci06Ornithology & BotanySecondTuesdayPM
Art04Painting WorkshopWeeklyMondayAM
Per01Phoenix EntertainmentWeeklyThursdayPM
Eng11Play ReadingFourthMondayPM
Eng01Poetry AppreciationSecondThursdayPM
Sci01Science & Technology 1SecondThursdayAM
Sci02Science & Technology 2FourthThursdayPM
Sci03Science & Technology 3ThirdWednesdayPM
His16Social HistorySecondMondayAM
His20Social History 2FirstMondayPM
Spa02Spanish Group 2-BasicFirst + ThirdMondayPM
Ten01Table TennisWeeklyMondayPM
TC01Tai Chi 1WeeklyThursdayAM
TC02Tai Chi 2When RequiredN/AAM
The01Theatre Interest When RequiredVariousPM
Tra01Travel ExperiencesThirdTuesdayPM
Mus11 Ukulele (Beginners)Second + FourthThursdayAM
Gar02Vegetable GardeningSecondSaturdayAM
Wal02Walking 12kmFirstFridayAM
Wal01Walking 7kmSecond + FourthFridayAM
Win01Wine Appreciation 1VariousN/APM
Win02Wine Appreciation 2FourthWednesdayPM
Win03Wine Appreciation 3SecondTuesdayPM
Win04Wine Appreciation 4ThirdMondayPM
Win05Wine Appreciation 5FourthMondayPM
Win06Wine Appreciation 6When RequiredN/APM
Mus12World Music (new group)When RequiredN/AAM